Thursday, January 8, 2009

Sweet Potato Souffle

It's a family tradition in my family to have this on Thanksgiving. I promise if you try it it will become a family tradition of yours too. It's awesome! My Neenie started the tradition for me (It was a recipe from her mother-in-law, Martha Smallwood). Since my Neenie passed away it's an especially special tradition for me.

Sweet Potato Souffle (Martha Smallwood)
2 c mashed sweet potatoes (canned can be used, but fresh is way better)
1/2 stick butter or margarine
2 eggs
1 c evaporated milk
1 c sugar
1 t cinnamon
1 t vanilla
dash nutmeg

Melt butter or margarine. Add sugar, milk & mix. Add other ingredients.

Top with the following:
1 c corn flakes
1/2 c pecans (optional)
1/2 c brown sugar
1/2 stick butter or margarine
Mix together & put on top of potato mixture.

Bake for 20-30 mins at 400. Fork inserted should come out clean when done.

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