Thursday, December 11, 2008


Our friend Nic's birthday was a little while ago (I'm way behind on my posting!). They invited us for dinner & I offered to bring Poni Po Po rolls (recipe already on blog). Well that Sunday morning I went to get the Rhodes out of the freezer & this was what I found. A week earlier I went out to the garage freezer and the door was open & some things thawed a little bit. I didn't notice that the Rhodes rolls not only thawed completely, but they rose to fill the bag! It was a hilarious sight, but I was freaking out that I only had 6 other good Rhodes rolls in another bag and that was not enough. Matt came over & said what's the big deal, use them anyway. I chuckled to myself that he had no idea what he was talking about. Boy was I wrong! He cut them into chunks and put them in the pan. Then he said when these are the best ever I better get the credit. While we were at church they rose to fill the pan and they turned out great. Matt saved the day!

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Caiti said...

You make Poni Popo?? We grew up in Laie, HI and ate this for dessert all the time! Yumm-o!