Thursday, December 11, 2008

Tracy's pasta salad

My friend Tracy invited me over for lunch a few weeks ago. She's a great cook & she made an unbelievable pasta salad. I tried to recreate it that night, but mine was not as good. Here's what she did:

Boil a bag of rotini pasta (spirals)

Roast vegetables (425 degrees) and a couple chicken breasts with a little olive oil, salt and Mrs. Dash herb seasoning. She roasted carrots, summer squash, green beans and bell peppers. She cut the veggies on a diagonal. She said the key is to have a single layer of vegetables, don't let them overlap.

Then she mixed the pasta, roasted vegetables, herb feta cheese and a dressing of the packets of Italian dressing you can buy and make mixed with a little Dijon mustard. It was seriously the best pasta salad I've ever had.

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